Every company which is involved in the production and distribution of alcoholic beverages knows the importance of excise duties.

The European Union Directorate General for Customs and Taxation Union has set a number of guidelines and criteria regarding the calculation of excise duties and national taxes. It is a fact that every country has the possibility to implement different parameters regarding these guidelines.

Overall it is set that when excise goods which are already released for consumption in one Member State and purchased by a person who resides in another Member State and who is not an authorized warehousekeeper nor a registered consignee, or who does not exercise an independent economic activity and where the goods are transferred directly or indirectly by seller or appointed forwarder, gives rise to liability for excise duties payable to the country of destination.

For this purposes, the liability for excise duties arises at the time of delivery of the excise goods, on the part of the seller or the tax representative, or if certain conditions have not been fulfilled by the consignee of the excise goods.

The seller or the tax representative shall comply with the following regulations:

  1. Prior to the dispatch of the excise goods make his identity known to the related authority and provide security for the payment of the excise duties
  2. After arrival of the excise goods, pay the excise duties;
  3. Keep accounts of the deliveries of excise goods and inform the administration of the place where those goods were delivered.
  4. If excise goods are purchased frequently and regularly under the conditions referred it may be authorize for a simplified procedure deviating from above mentioned administrative agreements.

For detailed regulations of any Member State we would like to refer to the listed websites and departments under the following link :