We created a web-based application with a 2 level password protection which will allow you to :


Either create the declaration towards the related Member State


Either create a document with the calculations and guidelines to enter the data into the software package used by the Member State


Create the local reimbursement declaration regarding the excise duties paid when goods were cleared from the excise free warehouse

What will the application do or allow you to perform :
  1. You can upload your realised online sales or select to have an interface between your webshop and the application
  2. You can upload the shipping information from your forwarding agent or courier
  3. Based on your included product and company information it will calculate the appropriate excise duty (and national tax if applicable) in line with the sold quantity and country of destination. And this in the currency of the country of destination.
  4. A set of reports for internal use are made available (per period, country, class of beverage, brewery,…)
  5. Declaration reports in the language of the country of destination are created or in case the country involved requires to enter the data into a local software package, it will deliver a report and instructions for submission of the data.

What are we and our Application offering you?

1 A unique and complete application
2 which is easy to use
3 where you can manually upload and download your data or work through an interface allowing you to link your webshop directly with the application
4 which is currently available in 6 languages
5 which will create the declaration in the language of the destinated Member State
6 where currency conversion are done in case of non-Euro countries
7 which will allow you to create the declaration and refund requests
8 and this taking care of privacy, data protection and confidentiality
9 at an affordable price
10 and with helpdesk services 5/7 during over 9 hours periods

Our server and security is covered by :


  • ISO 9001 AND ISO 27001 CERTIFIED
  • WEBFILTER (against SQL –injection, rootkits, bruteforce attack…)
  • SCANNER (automatic scan securityleaks and securityrisks)
  • CRITICAL PATCHING (verification of critical updates)
  • JAILING (principle of “jailing” on applicationlevel – create isolated environment during execution of your application)
  • LOGGING TOOLS & IP BLOCKING (analyse logs and blocking of unreliable IP’s user agents (bots))
  • FIREWALL (Juniper SRX3400 firewalls – 175000 requests per sec.)
  • 24/7 ON SITE SECURITY (Tier 3+ datacenter – permanent physical & camera security)